Welcome to the Principal Annual Space Survey (PASS) for the 2022 - 2023 school year!

What is PASS?

The Principal Annual Space Survey (PASS) is an online survey that collects enrollment and space usage information from DOE school buildings.

All Principals are required to log in and provide enrollment for their schools at every building they occupy. One principal in each building is designated as the “Survey Principal” and completes the survey on behalf of all schools in the building. (This survey should take approximately 5-15 minutes to complete.)

Buildings with more than one school will see questions from both surveys, organized by sections. This includes Building Council (BC) and Shared Space Committee (SSC) meeting information. Schools that are not in co-located campuses will see the same Annual Facilities Survey as in previous years.


PASS is designed to streamline and simplify the reporting on space usage by principals. Everything that used to be done as part of AFS and the Campus Audit Template can now be done online.

This information provides the Department of Education (DOE) with important information on NYC public school space.

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    Survey Principals:

  • Enters his/her own school’s projected enrollment for each building where the school will use space during school year 2022 - 2023
  • Coordinates with all other Principals in building to collect data for PASS
  • Enters PASS data on behalf of all Principals in the building
  • Certifies PASS submission has been completed in cooperation with all Principals

    Co-located Principals:

  • Enters his/her own school’s enrollment number for each building where the school will use space during school year 2022 - 2023
  • Provides Survey Principal with PASS information for completing the survey on his/her behalf
  • Reviews Survey Principal’s updates and confirms that they reflect data accurately

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Principal Annual Space Survey